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70’s Rock Playlist

70's Rock Playlist More 70's than Brezhnev

A 70’s Rock Playlist. More 70’s than Brezhnev, Industrial action, Football Hooliganism, 90% Tax rates and British Leyland. The Find My Band Classic 70’s Rock Playlist is an opportunity for us to pay our respects to this decade of Rock.  Be hold the power of the Classic 70’s Rock Playlist. Living the blue denim dream, reminiscing about the Ford Granada, Long hot summers, The Silver Jubilee, Fray Bentos Pies and Kevin Keegan.

As you would expect from a Find My Band 70’s Rock playlist, every track is a classic. A tsunami of 70’s sounds  Carefully selected for your audio pleasure. Re-mastered in Dolby B and  ideal for playing at 33.3 RPM on your wheels of steel, or your Pye sound System. All the main staples are represented.  Queen, Slade, Zeppelin, Clapton, Elton John, Rod Stewart, The Eagles, Thin Lizzy, T-Rex and of course…..STATUS QUO.The 70’s represent musical freedom and craftmanship that has seldom been seen since. Yes the UK struggled to build a decent car in the 70’s but we could rock.  Everyone knows the Queen classic ” Seven seas of rye” but listen behind the vocals, solos and drum beat to the progression of power chords in the last third of the track before the final verse starts. They are played slow, but the chords are awesome. A chord progression that is simple but it works.  Communicating directly to that Rock receptor that all us music lovers posses.  It is in our DNA.  You ,me and Dr Brian H May. We are the same. We are rockers.

Watch Queen Seven Seas of Rye

Or take the bass line on “Layla” by Eric Clapton. Yes the guitar riff is a monster but the running bass makes this track into a great song.  Or the cowbell on Don’t Fear the reaper, and the solo on Hotel California.   AND then God said “Let there be Riffs and there was”, and this playlist is riff heavy. A dreadnought delivering  broadside after broadside of full Rifftastic shock and awe. . Bachman’s Turner Overdrives “Rock is my life” , “Rock Candy” by Montrose, Layla,  Zeppelins “What is and What Should Never Be”, Elton John’s “Saturday Night” and Rod Stewarts “Stay with me”. In the 70’s people were not scared of riffs.  Come on Simon Cowell. Man up. Ban auto tune and bring back the riff.

So here it is. Put on your favourite brown corduroy trousers, turn the stereo up to 11, open a can of Whatneys Party 7, fire up the Fondue set and load it with supermarket Cheddar. The Find my Band Classic 70’s Rock playlist. Enjoy

  Band Track
1 Emmerson, Lake & Palmer Fanfare for the Common Man
2 Derek & the Dominos Layla
3 Queen Seven Seas of Rye
4 Bachman Turner Overdrive Rock is My Life. This is my song
5 Led Zeppelin* What Is and What Should Never Be
6 Rod Stewart Stay With Me
7 Slade Coz I love You
8 Elton John Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting
9 David Bowie Hero’s
10 Montrose Rock Candy
11 Creedence Clearwater Revival Up and Around the Bend
12 Bruce Springsteen Thunder Road
13 Blue Oyster Cult Don’t Fear the Reaper. The full version
14 Sweet Ballroom Blitz
15 Python Lee Jackson In a Broken Dream
16 Lynyrd Skynrd Free Bird. The full 9 minutes
17 Status Quo Living on an Island
18 T-Rex Cosmic Dancer
19 Thin Lizzy The Cowboy Song. (From Live and Dangerous)
20 The Eagles Hotel California

*Bat eared, Eagle Eyed readers will have noted that this track was released in October 1969. Yep, it’s a fair cop. “ the bastards will never take me alive Ernie”


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