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Become a Music Journalist

Become a Music Journalist

If you want to become a music journalist, by supporting unsigned bands and music industry retailers by writing reviews we would like to hear from you. Our editorial strategy has three key focuses.

Live Music and those who Support Live Music. i.e. the music instrument retailers, the music shops, the venue owners, the promoters, and managers etc. The people who have a passion for live music, and without who live music would not exist.

Unsigned bands. Any band from any genre who would benefit from free promotion. The Indie Bands, The Student Bands, Wedding Bands, Blues, Jazz, Metal, Thrash, Ska, Punk, Funk, Disco, Reggae…ALL genres are welcome.

Classic Music from any genre. This classic LPs from times past that inspire us all to pick up our guitars and play.

We are therefore keen to hear from anybody who would like to submit an article about their band, a recent gig, their music shop, equipment reviews, recording studios, their new demo or anything that fits with our goals and helps keep music live. So if want to promote your band, service, or shop or if you are simply interested in becoming a music journalist please contact us for further details on

So if you want to become a music journalist we can help.