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Big Four Thrash Metal Bands Playlist

Out of the primordial Thrash Metal cuppa soup emerged Four Thrash Metal super groups.

Over the very finest butler poured Port,  Academics spend many an hour in the ivory clad dining halls of their Oxford and Cambridge colleges debating that key musical question. Who Invented Thrash Metal?   Likewise we in the Find My Band Dungeon Bar have also pondered the very same query, although admittedly over cheap corner shop purchased White Cider. (the sort that is manufactured by companies such as ICI and Syngenta and not actually fermented from Apples).

The thing is that out of the primordial Thrash Metal cuppa soup emerged Four Thrash Metal super groups.  The Big Four Thrash Metal Bands. Anthrax, Metallica, Slayer and  Megadeth. Each one who made an essential contribution to the genre.  Kill ‘Em All was more than likely the first trash album released, Peace Sells the first album on a major label and a classic album that defines the genre. Slayers Reign in Blood is still probably the greatest thrash album of all time, and Anthrax leaders of the East Coast scene, commercially successful and a link between Metal and Hardcore.

In this Big Four Thrash Metal playlist of head banging, vertebrae shattering, eardrum rupturing, Metal we therefore pay tribute to the big 4. If you own them pay for them and download them. Enjoy

Number Band Track Album
1 Anthrax Be All, End All State of Euphoria
2 Slayer Piece By Piece Reign In Blood
3 Metallica Ride the Lightning Ride the Lightning
4 Megadeth Hanger 18 Rust in Peace
5 Slayer War Ensemble Season In the Abyss
6 Metallica The Four Horsemen Kill ‘Em All
7 Megadeth Wake Up Dead Peace Sells But Who’s Buying
8 Slayer South of Heaven South of Heaven
9 Slayer Silent Scream South of Heaven
10 Anthrax Into To Reality Persistence of Time
11 Anthrax Got The Time Persistence of Time
12 Slayer Necrophobic Reign In Blood
13 Metallica Fade to Black Ride the Lightning
14 Anthrax Caught In A Mosh Among The Living
15 Megadeth Mary Jane So Far, So Good, So What
16 Megadeth Peace Sells Peace Sells But Who’s Buying
17 Metallica For Whom The Bells Tolls Ride the Lightning
18 Metallica Orion Master of Puppets
19 Metallica One And Justice For All
20 Megadeth Hook In Mouth So Far, So Good, So What
21 Anthrax Bring The Noise Moshers  1986 – 1991
22 Megadeth My Last Words Peace Sells But Who’s Buying
23 Slayer Raining Blood Reign In Blood





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