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Clever, Progressive & Very Metal. V/Vega

If you like a little bit of melody with your oomph you are going to love V/Vega, the latest up and coming Hard Rocking unsigned band that we are featuring on Find My Band . The band describe themselves as Ambient Metal and V/Vega deliver.

Established in 2014 and based in Bedfordshire/North London the band consists of Jim Dummer – Vocals, Edd Durcan – Guitar, Tom Williams – Guitar, Josh Levy – Bass And Kaine Levy – Drums. The bands debut release – “Nostalgia EP” was released in the summer of 2014;  and is available for free download at – (all donations go to Cancer Research UK). We like it and we think that you will to.

V / VEGA was formed by the members of two previous UK metal bands; “Fall Against Fate” and “I, The Writer” and the band officially launched in June with the release of the EP and debut music video for Glass House. (WHICH YOU THE READER SHOULD WATCH BECAUSE ITS AWESOME)


2015 will bring some exciting gigs/tours as well as the release of a new EP which is finished and in the recording stages. The bands musical influences are wide ranging and describe their sound was “quite ambient and atmospheric (reminiscent of bands like Devil Sold His Soul, Deftones, The Elijah etc.)”

Personally we also think that the lyrics are worth a mention. Heavy Metal has produced great wordsmiths over the years and V/Vega are following in this glorious tradition. Check out the lyrics in the video below and judge for yourself.


Josh from the band provided  Find My Band with further details on the bands sound and direction.

“Whilst we are all fans of technical, heavy music, we have taken a step back from this in terms of the material we write. We have tried to do something a little different, refreshing and original through exploiting simplicity. We push lots of layered guitar melodies and riffs which can be progressive in nature”

Well guys we at the Find My Band Dungeon Bar love your stuff. Yes it’s progressive but it also clever and it is very loud. Well done.

“I Pray that God Exists”

Follow the band at

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