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Def Leppard Playlist

The Legendary Legacy of Steve M Clark

Def Leppard Playlist

The Def Leppard playlist, wait no… the Classic Def Leppard playlist from Find My Band. 18 rock classics from the era of the late and very great Steve M Clark.  Phil Collen is a fantastic guitarist and Vivian Campbell’s rock credentials are without doubt (after all he played guitar on Holy Diver), but Def Leppard with Steve Clark were something very special. Pyromania sold over 10 million albums, Hysteria 20 million.  Def Leppard in 1989 were the biggest rock band on this planet.  Since Steve Clarks early death, Def Leppard have still produced good albums, but in my opinion not great albums. My analysis is however flawed, for I am biased.  Steve Clark is one of my three Rock Idols. Brian May and Adrian Smith are my other two. I also own an ebony Les Paul with a guitar strap which is slightly too long.

Big riffs, catchy hooks, well balanced carefully crafted solos and probably the best hard rock rhythm guitar ever. The guitar partnership between Steve Clark and Phil Collen was something very very special. There are great tracks from the period when Steve Clark was playing with Pete Willis but with Phil Collen in the band, things got very interesting and Def Leppard produced some of the greatest albums of the 1980’s

Let’s have a closer look at some of the tunes on the Find My Band Def Leppard Playlist. The opening two tracks are big riffing, head banging monsters. Next up is Animal. One of the greatest rock singles ever? Probably.  Followed by Photograph another commercial hit song but with three very  major and heavy riffs. Also included on the Def Leppard Playlist is the expertly composed almost carved Hysteria, and Wasted and Rock Brigade from Def Leppards debut album in 1980. Let’s have a mention of Love Bites. “ I don’t want to touch you too much baby, but making love to you will drive me crazy”, what a pre-chorus, and of course the strippers favourite Pour Some Sugar on Me.

Not just a playlist but a Rock encyclopaedia, New wave of Heavy Metal Britannica. If you don’t own any of these tracks pay for them and download them. The find-my-band Def Leppard playlist. Wow. Enjoy

  Track Album
1 Rock Rock (Till You Drop) Pyromania
2 Another Hit and Run High and Dry
3 Animal Hysteria
4 Photograph Pyromania
5 Wasted  On Through the Night
6 Hysteria Hysteria
7 Rock Brigade  On Through the Night
8 Love Bites Hysteria
9 Too Late For Love Pyromania
10 Foolin’ Pyromania
11 Pour Some Sugar on Me Hysteria
12 Gods of War Hysteria
13 Overture On Through the Night
14 Bringin on the Heartbreak High and Dry
15 Switch 625 High and Dry
16 Die Hard the Hunter Pyromania
17 Women Hysteria
18 Love and Affection Hysteria
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