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“With the glimmer of metal”. An Interview with Paul Di’Anno

New Material Under Production for 2015 Release

Paul Di’Anno the legendary Heavy Metal vocalist speaks exclusively to Find My Band.  Singers in heavy metal bands are common place, (indeed most bands have at least one….) but proper Heavy Metal vocalists are not so common. Those persons whose lyrically outputs can only be Heavy Metal. Think Ozzy Osbourne, Think Rob Halford, and of course Paul Di’Anno, the vocalist on Iron Maidens first two albums.  Maiden’s first two classic albums (Iron Maiden and Killers) and two records that 24 years later are still as raw and as powerful as the day that they were released.  Paul Di’Anno is a legend and Paul Di’anno has provided us regulars from the Find My Band Dungeon bar.  AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW……WOW

FMB: What are your plans for recording and touring in 2015?

PD: “We are in the studio in February in Germany recording the Architects of Chaoz debut, The League of Shadows for May release. I must stress this is a band not Paul Di’Anno & etc. It’s so great to be in a band again!” “ The League of Shadows released May 2015 on Metalville records !!! AOC take on the world !”

FMB: For fans of metal who perhaps wanted to buy a Paul Di’Anno CD for Xmas. What would view as your best post Maiden work?

PD: “I hope the new one or The Living Dead or any Killers or Battlezone cd”

The Living Dead is pretty special.

Links to Itunes below.  But to be honest there are more in-depth product listings on Amazon.

FMB : We have seen the videos on Youtube where you are heckled about Bruce Dickinson.  Are these Hecklers for real or do they just do this to gain a reaction?  I mean if you really did not like Paul Di’Anno you would not go to a Paul Di’Anno gig right?

PD: “I should know better but it keeps the idiots amused when they get a reaction from and if they buy a ticket just to give me shit then fuck em ?”

FMB: What is you view of the album Killers and its legacy?

PD “A  great album it seems to be a landmark for other bands inspiration which is awesome”.

We at FMB agree which is why we featured it in our classic album section. Killers is one of metals great albums. One tip. If you are planning to buy it, make sure you get the more recent re-mastered versions that contain the extra track “Twilight Zone”. Great track. A wee bonus.

FMB:  What advice would you give to unsigned metal bands who are starting out today?

PD: “Stick to your guns and don’t lose sight of why you wanted to make music in the first place fuck all this everyone should be famous crap “

Words of wisdom from this guru of Heavy Metal. Are you reading this Simon Cowell,!!!!!.  Take a hint.

FMB: Heavy Metal. Music for the intelligent people. True or False?

PD: “Yeah right haha I’m as dumb as dirt ask my missus she’s the professor”

Given the impact the Iron Maiden made in the early 1980s, it is easy to define Pauls career as Maiden and post Madien.  However Paul Di’Anno has an extensive back catalogue and has essentially been active as a musician since the late 1970’s. So with a career that spans over 35 years why exactly is Paul Di’anno considered as one of the all time greats?

The answer.  Just watch this clip of Iron Maiden live from 1981. WOW.. (the drumming is also  pretty special) RIP Clive Burr

“ I shall return from out of the fire”.

Paul Di’Anno. Rocker, Philosopher,  a user of particularly Anglo Saxon language, and a Gentleman.  Respect.


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