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“A Heavy Metal Creature”. An Interview With Chris Holmes.

Famous for being the lead guitarist in WASP, and famous for the drunken pool scene in The Decline in Western Civilisation Part II:  The Metal Years.  Chris Holmes needs no introduction. Chris Holmes is a member of Heavy Metals Elite.  Grade A, Top Ranking, a true Metal God. A “Heavy Metal Creature”.

However Chris Holmes’s ability as a musician was too often over shadowed by WASPs  on stage antics, exploding Cod pieces, and less than subtle responses to the bitter fascists of Tipper Gores P.M.R.C.

The fact is that Chris Holmes is one of metals greatest guitarists as proven on the album, The Headless Children.  The guitar playing on this record is phenomenal.  Big riffs, fast but carefully crafted and instinctive solos (not random twiddling),  melodies upon melodies.  Tunes, energy, noise, power, & freedom.  Not just music that you hear but music that you feel, and music you never forget.

Therefore given the impact of the music of  Chris Holmes upon the lives of us rocking mortals across the Heavy Metal Planet Earth we at the Find My Band Dungeon Bar were more than delighted to be given the opportunity to put a few questions to the great man himself.  Ladies and Gentlemen. The Find My Band exclusive interview with Chris Holmes…

FMB:  What album of yours on I Tunes would you recommend people bought?  The one that you are really proud of and why?

CH: My new one of course  ” Shitting Bricks “….  what kind of question is that lol?

Shtting Bricks is Chris’s new solo ablum that is due for release in March 2015. Chris will be in rehearsal this month with his new band to be ready for his  2015 Tour in Europe . All official updates can be found  at either  or

Lets face it. If the album is as a great as the title it is going to be something  special.

FMB: The Headless Children is a master piece of heavy metal.  How do you feel about the record?  Were WASP given enough credit for what looking back is easily one of the top metal albums of all time?

CH: WASP the management and the all corporation promised me I was going make publishing of the album , they lied to me , I never got paid a penny for the songs writing on it . I was writing on it as a session player in the publishing not as a songwriter..How do you think i should feel about the album ?…I got credits for but I never got paid for it …

WOW what an answer.  Which is very ironic, considering the topics of songs on WASPS following record.  The Crimson Idol.  Is Blackie Lawless Chainsaw Charlie?

FMB:  I have to ask this question because I play guitar and I love Heavy Metal.  I appreciate that it is a geek of a question but I need to ask it.  The guitar solos at the end of the track Headless Children after the final chorus. Unique. Drums and bass pounding and then one a metals greatest ever solos…How did you come up with that? As a song that track is so complete. It works

CH: Something came out of my heart at the time when we were writing it .

Find My Band, suppliers of geeky questions to Rock superstars since 2014.

FMB: Who are you guitar hero’s. Who inspires Chris Holmes?

CH: Eddy Van Halen,  Jimi Hendrix and Toni Iommi


FMB : Heavy Metal.  Music for the intelligent people. True or False?

CH: True ..Heavy metal is not easy to play right ..Anybody can plug in a guitar, turn the volume on 10 and make noise but the gift is to be able to control the noise ..A amplifier turned all the way up and play guitar a front of it and control the volume , the feedback is an art in itself.

Yes and we at FMB agree.  Not everyone gets Heavy Metal but there again, not everyone can get Heavy Metal.  “ If your mind runs on a lower current it will generate less power”

FMB: What are your plans for 2015. Any plans to tour / record?  Any plans to come to Scotland?

CH: Release my album next month and its my second solo album , being my solo album, i had to sing on it , if i didn’t sing it will not be a solo album . Now i have to go out and sing LIVE ( oh God watch out !!)…

 FMB: Interestingly when I discussed this interview with the team in Find My Band Dungeon Bar, they all said “wow”.  People respect and admire Chris Holmes the musician. What do you feel is the legacy of Chris Holmes?

CH: I’ve been doing it for a long time ..its kind of funny , i was the youngest one by 4 years in WASP, i wonder if the other guys are still alive lol…

FMB: Our sites main objective is to help unsigned bands. What advice would give to any band that was starting today?

CH: D.T.A Don’t trust anybody especially the ones that seem the closest to you in the band ..that was my biggest mistake I made in my all musical career. Treat  others how you want to be treated and go out and watch other bands. Imagine if it was you playing and look and see what you would do and what you wouldn’t do and there is a plus to seen a horrible band , you learn what not to do .

Chris Holmes:  Rocker, Guru, Mentor and thoroughly decent chap. Take the man’s advice and become a Rock Star…LEGEND.

Other works by Chris can be downloaded via I TUNES

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