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Led Zeppelin Playlist

Led Zeppelin Playlist Led Zeppelin in action

Led Zeppelin Playlist


We have nothing more to say. I love Led Zeppelin. The Find My Band Led Zeppelin Playlist. Wow this band was something very special. Every member of the band a legend, every member of the band incredibly gifted musicians.

The thing about a Led Zeppelin playlist is that there are so many great tunes to choose from.  So many great Led Zeppelin albums and Led Zeppelin greatest hits packages.  Led Zeppelin were an album band. There is no point down loading individual tracks. Just buy the albums. You cant go wrong.

The Led Zeppelin playlist therefore contains only 10 tracks but there are many more classic Led Zeppelin tracks which have been omitted. Tracks such as Kashmir, Whole Lotta Love, Thank You, Tangerine, Celebration Day, The Rover, Did Ya Maker, In the Evening, Heart Breaker and Misty Mountain Hop.

Led Zeppelin have global appeal. They are a cross genre band. There is something for everyone. Only the feckless, dancing on quick sand, lighting a crack pipe with a stick of dynamite can honestly proclaim that they don’t like “any Led Zeppelin tracks”. The lyrics alone present a substantial tome of poetry, that represents the challenges, hopes and dreams of the everyday normal person. To the names Wordsworth, Keats and Shakespeare, add Robert Plant. The Led Zeppelin playlist is therefore   10 great tracks in a great rocking sequence and not  a best of list or a greatest hits lists.

Personally I can’t name my favourite Led Zeppelin Album. Physical Graffiti is an epic, Led Zep IV is a riff-tastic monster, and Led Zep III has that amazing balance of hard rock and heavy metal acoustic numbers that so few bands have the ability, vision or confidence to achieve.

Compile your playlist, grab a beer, turn up to 11 and enjoy. My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen. The Find My Band Led Zeppelin Playlist.

If you don’t own them, pay for them and down load them. For those about to Rock…We salute you.

  Track Album
1 Immigrant Song Led Zeppelin III
2 Communication Breakdown Led Zeppelin I
3 Babe I’m Gonna Leave You Led Zeppelin I
4 Good Times Bad Times Led Zeppelin I
5 What is What Should Never Be Led Zeppelin II
6 Dazed and Confused Led Zeppelin 1
7 Custard Pie Physical Graffiti
8 Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin 4
9 When the Levee Breaks Led Zeppelin 4
10 Sick Again Physical Graffiti



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