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LUX LISBON. Unsigned Band Review.

Download a free copy of their latest EP. You wont regret it. Lux Lisbon are a five piece band who according to their website present,” cinematic indie with their tag-team boy-girl vocals, interwoven harmonies, and the influence of Dog is Dead, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen and Bloc Party”. High impact intelligent well crafted Indie, Lux Libson are a band that you find very accessible, and very melody friendly. Based in London with additional roots in Newcastle and Nottingham, Lux Lisbon were formed at Nottingham University before the travelling down the M1  to the golden paved streets of Englands Capital.

The bands website is worth a visit. Free downloads, band news, gig information and links to video. My favourite track Bullingdon Club. A full on guitar based classic indie tune about a more than slightly topical subject. Great stuff. I wonder if Boris, Georgie and Dave have heard it?

Over the last 18 months Lux Lisbon have recorded several BBC sessions and have picked up support from Billy Bragg, John Kennedy, Stewart Lee, Chris Hawkins at BBC6 Music as well as The Fly and Word Magazines. Live highlights have included slots at Bestival, Y Not, and Hyde Park during the Olympics,in addition to slots supporting the awesome To Kill and King and “2-4-6-8” Tom Robinson himself. (Aint never too late Tom…)

Check out some of their reviews below but more importantly check this band out for yourself.

“Fantastic. Their great new single ‘Memento Mori’ sounds superb and Lux Lisbon are band that are getting bigger all the time” – BBC 6 Music – Chris Hawkins

“This is brilliant….Demons You Show is more than a bit special” – The 405

Bullingdon Club is the best power-pop song of the last 5 years, I mean it” – Sid Griffin, BBC 6 Music

“Lux Lisbon are damn fine and quickly becoming  favourites here, ‘Animals’ in something of a BBC introducing classic”- Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

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