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Because the Price of Darkness is the King of Heavy Metal.

The Find My Band Ozzy Osbourne playlist. First playlist of 2015 and it is a heavy metal classic.  16 Heavy Metal Epics. Featuring two of the greatest guitarists of all time (Randy Rhodes and Zak Wylde), and of course the song that contains what it probably the greatest heavy metal guitar solo of all time. Mr Crowley.

The thing about Ozzy is that he is more talented that what people give him credit for. You cant be a moron and sell over 100 million records. You cant write tunes like No More Tears, Rock and Roll Rebel and Diary of a Madman if you don t know and thing or two about tunes, melodies and of course RIFFS…..

Check out the playlist, turn it to 11, and then listen to it all again backwards . Ladies and Gentlemen if you don’t own them pay for them and down load them.. THE OZZY OSBOURNE PLAYLIST…

Track Album
1 I Don’t Know Blizzard of Ozz
2 Crazy Train Blizzard of Ozz
3 Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel Bark at the Moon
4 Crazy Babies No Rest For The Wicked
5 Bark at the Moon Bark at the Moon
6 Mr. Crowley Blizzard of Ozz
7 Shot In The Dark The Ultimate Sin
8 Bloodbath in Paradise No Rest For The Wicked
9 No More Tears No More Tears
10 Perry Mason Ozzmosis
11 Mr Tinkertrain No More Tears
12 Fire In The Sky No Rest For The Wicked
13 Diary of a Madman Diary of a Madman
14 Revelation (Mother Earth) Blizzard of Ozz
15 Road To Nowhere No More Tears
16 Old L.A.Tonight Ozzmosis


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