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Queen Playlist

26 Awesome Tracks From Queen

Queen Playlist

Since the launch of Find My Band we have published a number of playlists. A list of tracks to played in a certain carefully selected order for maximum impact. But this one is different, because this is a Grand Daddy of the playlist word. Our best yet.

This is the Find My Band Queen Playlist. Listening to this playlist send tingles across my ribs. It causes me to bang my head and reach for my air guitar.  “Thunderbolts and Lightning very very frightening me”

Queen are a favourite of Find My Band and by taking a brief look at the Queen Playlist you will see why. 26 amazing tunes from one of the greatest bands of all time. The hard rocking enjoyment that this audio titillation brings cannot be quantified. Queen are awesome, and the Find My Band Queen Playlist is equally as amazing. If you don’t own them pay for them and down load them. The Queen playlist at Find My Band. “Let’s do the fandango”

1 Tie Your Mother Down A Day At The Races
2 Seven Seas of Rhye Queen II
3 The Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke Queen II
4 Hammer to Fall The Works
5 Keep Your Self Alive Queen
6 Death on Two Legs A Night At The Opera
7 Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon A Night At The Opera
8 I’m in Love With My Car A Night At The Opera
9 Killer Queen Sheer Heart Attack
10 Doing All Right Queen
11 Fat Bottomed Girls Jazz
12 Bicycle Race Jazz
13 A Kind Of Magic A Kind Of Magic
14 Tenement Funster Sheer Heart Attac
15 Somebody to Love A Day At The Races
16 Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy A Day At The Races
17 Ogre Battle Queen II
18 Radio Ga Ga The Works
19 I Want it All The Miracle
20 Now I’m Here Sheer Heart Attack
21 One Vision A Kind of Magic
22 The Show Must Go On Innuendo
23 We Will Rock You News Of The World
24 We Are The Champions News Of The World
25 Bohemian Rhapsody A Night At The Opera
26 God Save the Queen A Night At The Opera


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