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Punk Rock Playlist. 15 Punk Rock Classics.

Punk Rock Playlist Punk Rock Playlist at Find My Band. A typical London punk enjoying day out. Who knows What happened to this punk. But someone that interesting must have done something with their lives.

Punk Rock Playlist

It’s the Find My Band Punk Rock Playlist. 15 Punk Rock classics put together as a suggestive Punk Rock Playlist. Not a Punk Rock greatest hits, or a best of Punk Rock, just a bit of musical heritage for your pleasure. Music to annoy the neighbours, (unless your neighbours happen to have the same great taste in music that you do), music for energy, for  creativity and to reminisce about saying Bollox to the nanny state and all those people with strong opinions and even stronger starched collars who want to tell you how to live your life.

For those who appreciate great music the Punk Rock Playlist is a simple list of great music from great Punk Rockers

The Find my band Punk Rock Playlist

Song Band Album
1 Holidays in the Sun Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks
2 Ever Fallen in Love The Buzzcocks Love Bites
3 Teenage Kicks The Undertones The Undertones  (re-release)
4 London Calling The Clash London Calling
5 If the Kids are United Sham 69 The Adventures of the Hersham Boys
6 Fisticuffs in Frederick Street Toy Dolls Bare Faced Cheek
7 Sound of the Suburbs The Members At the Chelsea Nightclub
8 Bodies Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks
9 Into the Valley The Skids Scared to Dance
10 Alternative Ulster Stiff Little Fingers Inflammable Material
11 Rise Public Image Ltd Album
12 Eloise The Damned Non Album Track
13 Seventeen Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks
14 Train in Vain The Clash London Calling
15 Public Image Public Image Ltd Public Image

And for a bonus we have included some classic Punk Rock Playlist Links link. (The Toy Dolls video  is awesome…)

1: Sex Pistols: Friggin in the Riggin:                 

2: The Clash London’s Calling:                           

3: The Toy Dolls: Nellie  the Elephant              

As always if you don’t own any of these tracks pay the 99p and download them from Itunes. No need to rip them off.  Even better find a local punk band, have a few lagers and Pogo the night away.

Ladies and Gentlemen. The Find My Band Punk Rock Playlist.

Bollox. Oi….

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