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Ronnie James Dio

Ronnie James Dio

Ronnie James Dio



Ronnie James Dio was a Rock Superstar and we at Find My Band pay our respects to this legend of Heavy Metal with a very special Ronnie James Dio Playlist. 20 great songs by Dio, covering his years in Rainbow, Black Sabbath and of course his solo work.  Rarely in the history of Rock has a single musician been a part of some many epic albums with different bands. This list of classic albums includes Rainbow Rising, Long Live Rock and Roll, Heaven and Hell, Mob Rules and Holy Diver. Ronnie James Dio 1942 – 2010, a legend.

But first a warning. This is proper Heavy Metal. If you are fan of Travis, Spandau Ballet or Hue and Cry this is too advanced for you…Best leave alone. Go and eat some quiche and wash it down with a cup of herbal tea with soya milk.

If you don’t own them pay for them and down load them. Compile the playlist, turn up to 11 and enjoy..Dio we rock

Track                                                           Album                                    Band                                   Year

  1. We Rock                                              The Last in Line                      Dio                                    1984
  2. The Last in Line                                 The Last in Line                      Dio                                    1984
  3. Rainbow in the Dark                         Holy Diver                               Dio                                    1983
  4. Holy Diver                                           Holy Diver                               Dio                                    1983
  5. Long Live Rock and Roll                  Long Live Rock and Roll      Rainbow                           1978
  6. Neon Knights                                      Heaven and Hell                    Black Sabbath                 1980
  7. Rock and Roll Children                    Sacred Heart                           Dio                                     1985
  8. Heaven and Hell                                Heaven and Hell                    Black Sabbath                 1980
  9. Kill the King                                        Long Live Rock and Roll      Rainbow                          1978
  10. The Mob Rules                                   The Mob Rules                       Black Sabbath                 1981
  11. Stargazer                                              Rainbow Rising                     Rainbow                           1976
  12. Die Young                                            Heaven and Hell                    Black Sabbath                 1980
  13. Gates of Babylon                                Long Live Rock and Roll      Rainbow                           1978
  14. Heaven and Hell                                Heaven and Hell                    Black Sabbath                 1980
  15. Children of the Sea                            Heaven and Hell                    Black Sabbath                 1980
  16. The Sign of the Southern Cross      The Mob Rules                       Black Sabbath                 1981
  17. Catch the Rainbow                            Rainbow                                  Rainbow                           1975
  18. Lonely is The Word                           Heaven and Hell                   Black Sabbath                 1980
  19. Over and Over                                    The Mob Rules                      Black Sabbath                  1981
  20. Tarot Women                                     Rainbow Rising                     Rainbow                            1976
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