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The Secret of Making It Big. You What! No UHub

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UHUB is an online twitter resource that pitches itself as “The new home of Unsigned & New Music” UHUBs content appears to be focused on the promotion of unsigned bands via published online video and they are a growing community who share a key ethic of us dribblers here at the Find My Band Dungeon Bar. They love music and they want to help unsigned artists become superstars. As followers of UHub  (although they have recently unfollowed us, not that we keep a list or anything like that for future reference…..No we have an app that does this), we wanted to find out more.

FMB: Who are you guys and what are your musical stories? i.e what has led you the point of UHub

“Believe it or not, it’s one guy behind UHub – me, James Gilby, but I have support from some like-minded friends who have a hunger to discover the great new music of tomorrow! I was once in a band and have many friends in bands, ranging from regular pub bands to well-known successful bands with thin the big 4 major labels. I’ve followed them on tours, met many many people within the industry and am a gigaholic!”

“I’ve always been interested in the music industry, and feel nowadays it’s becoming harder and harder for young, fresh lesser-known new talent to be heard. But people want to hear it! There’s so much out there and if it’s followed and heard, I feel the current charts could be so different. Right now charts are becoming more and more dominated by basic manufactured pop, auto-tune and talentless people who got the gig because they look good! “

It’s a fair point James but nothing new. Manufactured bands have always been here.  However talent will always fine a way and if you can help them along their journerys to Rock and Roll Superstardom then perhaps we will see less of the likes of Simon Cowell on the Telly.

FMB: Do you have any plans to expand your offering. i.e. Apps, Website etc

“I’d love to expand the platform. Long term, if it becomes viable, we’d like to record live sessions with artists, and perhaps even launch our own label – aim high! Dreams don’t have to be dreams – call them targets instead!”

 FMB: What are the goals of UHub and what are the success stories that you would like to shout about. i.e. Number of followers, famous followers etc

Our main goal is to let people know what were about and what we’ve set out to do, build a large community of supporters who are equally interested in discovering new great music, and to get involved sharing great new music they’ve found. Our A&R Reps are our followers. If you find something you like, share it with everyone using #uhubofficial We regularly thank people for their recommendations, but we want to see more!

The first band we ever shared on UHub were Royal Blood, then Radio 1 got a hold, played their music, and now they’re supporting the likes of Arctic Monkeys, and are supporting Foo Fighters on a stadium tour including Wembley! We would NOT say we had something to do with that, but what it does show you is we know a good band when we see one! We regularly shared their music. Other bands/artists we’ve shared early on include Bi-Polar Sunshine, George Ezra and Slaves. A band I’ve just discovered and am loving is Empathy Test – look out for these guys! Famous supporters and followers include Royal Blood and the comedian Ed Byrne! We thank everyone that follows us for their support of the new music we share.

FMB: How can UHub help unsigned bands and what do you recommend Unsigned bands do to maximise their chances of making it big……

“My advice to make it big – without going into too much detail, promote, gig, promote, gig, promote, gig, etc. Importantly, you never know who will be in the audience – A&R reps, radio DJs, industry journalists, indie label owners etc – anyone could be your key to ask or deal… IF that’s what you’re after! If you’re not on YOUR tour, support another band, find a battle of the bands night – gig gig gig! Secondly, put your music online and make it accessible across social media – use Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube…. And tell people how to find it, put ALL the links on your promo CDs, hand out leaflets/business cards at you gigs so your audience know how to hear it again and show their friends. Give out links to a free download. Do what you gotta do to get it heard”

And Find My Bands Two Pennies on this feature

Well how we can we add to those comments from James. I guess that there is a moral to this story. The the Internet is a big, free, creative place and  services such as UHub are to be saluted. Well done James

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