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stairway to heaven tab Guitar Tab Restricted

The Mystery of the disappearing guitar tab, the Stairway to Heaven Tab, and how to learn easy guitar tabs. Guitar tabs are a fantastic way to improve your skills as a guitar player. They are fun, easy to read and allow the novice musician to have a crack at their favourite riff tastic masterpieces and emulate their musical inspirations. In this article guitar tabs, guitar tab resources, and the growing trend of publishers’ restriction access to guitar tabs shall be discussed. And finally we will discuss perhaps the most popular online guitar tab of them all. The Stairway to Heaven tab.

Guitar Tabs and Easy Guitar Tabs.

Back in 2002, legendary Geordie, finger picking axeman Mark Knopfler gave an interview on BBC Radio 5 live . Mr Knopfler was asked about learning to play the guitar and he replied. (The interview was a while ago so if this is not 100% accurate apologies may be needed) “People should learn to play music that they like and know as opposed to what a musical teachers may want to teach them”

Indeed Mark well said…(I think) and this is the major attraction of the guitar tab as a learning tool. If you are playing tunes that you know, then you will be more motivated to play and you will also be aware of any errors which you make.  Learning will be more efficient and learning will be more fun.

The major sources of Guitar tab are online or via published books. Online Guitar tab can be accessed free in multiple formats, from a number of different websites.

These extensive depositories of guitar tab allow the user to select from a wide variety of guitar tabs, to suit personal taste or proficiency. These will include multiple tab for the same song, and for example under Stairway to Heaven tab, Ultimate guitar have 72 tabs listed.

Typically these sites generate revenue via advertising and the tab is un-authorised. I.e. They are interpretations, not official and not approved by the artist or the artists publishers. However this does not mean that they are inaccurate.

The other main source of Guitar Tabs is via music books. Official publications which are authorised. They too are usually interpretations but the published result has been approved as accurate by someone somewhere, and consequently the publisher or the artist will be paid a royalty based on the sales of the book. However…This does not mean that they are accurate. Having forked out the best part of £ 20 you would hope so, but buyer beware.

 Restricted Tab. No guitar players here

Free tab or paid for tab? Here is the conflict. The publisher does not earn any royalties from the free tab and increasingly publishers are blocking the publication of free guitar tab on “ tinternet”.

The websites that publish free guitar tab do generate income and therefore it is somewhat understandable that publishers would not be happy with this situation. The user downloads the guitar tab , they use the website for free, but same user is exposed to advertising during their visit to the site and the site owners are making money from the unauthorised publication of other peoples creative work.

However blocking guitar tab can make a band look cheap and uncaring and even more so when the blocked tab is from an album that has sold in excess of 20 million copies. (Led Zep and Def Leppard we are talking about you) but  to be fair it is only some tab that is blocked by the publishers of these bands and not all tab.

 Stairway to Heaven Tab

The Stairway to Heaven tab is probably the most popular guitar tab o the internet with multiple websites offering multiple versions. As a musician it is a great tab to learn and not too technically difficult which is one of the reasons for its popularity. (along with the fact that it is one of the greatest tunes ever….)

The Stairway to Heaven opening riff from the Stairway to Heaven tab is also fantastic for a show your mates party piece and the logical starting point for any trip to a guitar store.

It works on acoustic as well as it works on electric and interestingly my official published version from my official Led Zep song book is identical to the version that I downloaded over 10 years ago. Great easy to learn tabs need a basis in a great song. Stairway to Heaven is a great song and the Stairway to Heaven tab is a great guitar tab.

 We love Guitar Tab

If you want to learn to play guitar, all you need are a guitar (with the tagger removed) a tuner (to stay in tune)  Cucumbers (sorry that’s for Derek Smalls), and some guitar tab of your favourite tracks.  Easy. Nothing complicated here.  Guitar tabs help us all learn to play better and restricting access is a shame. Tab should be free to use, and perhaps the website owners and music publishers need to find a way to work better together.

Go forth and tabulate…Keep music live…


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