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We love Classical Music. The perception of classical music has changed over the course of the last few years, maybe even a few decades. For one, the number of musicians practising classical music has undoubtedly decreased. While the connoisseurs of classical music have not entirely been wiped out, it is but a rare and more intricate art, perfected by the talented few with patience and devotion. But like many things rare, its rarity only adds to its beauty.  In a larger sense, it brings people together owing to the various emotions that it conjures.

I once read about this phenomenon called the “Mozart effect”. There was a research paper published by the Oxford University Press on this “Mozart effect,” which advocated the idea that listening to Mozarts’ music makes you momentarily smarter, raising your IQ by a few points during the time that you’re listening to it. Perhaps a good motivation for students to to swap their rock music while studing for an exam. However as a fan of both Mozart and Heavy Metal, I actually believe that the two forms of music have common components, Okay Mozart did not have a Marshall and a Gibson Les Paul, but Mozarts music is full of big riffs and screeching solos.

Classical music has the ability to transport the listener to a totally different time period, one where the music was intricately composed. It evokes memories and inspires the future. It makes you see the world with a different set of eyes. Your whole perception changes for the good. Classical music begins with sonorous melodies and ends with a subdued passion. It lets you find new possibilities, new meanings and new connections. It makes you grow and mature. That’s what music does, right? It lets you evolve.


Whenever you go for a classical music concert, you’ll notice that each composer uses the tools of compositions and the language of music differently. He creates a distinct voice for himself (herself) and speaks to the listener. For me, music communicates pure and raw emotions. Every musician speaks with diversity in his (her) voice. In a similar vein, every listener brings to the concert hall his/her life, his experiences and his emotional knowledge. In this manner, the classical music experience is unique for each with only one common thing – they all listen to the distinct musical sounds of the composer.

The symphony of powerful sound interspersed with amazing crescendos has captured my imagination, and left me floored many a time. Let’s not forget that string players bear the risk of developing repetitive motion injury, something that shouldn’t be taken too lightly.

Classical music is sublime and powerful and comprises of a ranging set of reflections on love and happiness and melancholy. These variations meditate on the human condition, before culminating in liberation, truth, and beauty.


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