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We Love Live Music

Sometimes we wonder – what exactly is so different about live concerts?  It’s all pretty similar – producers spending extraordinary amounts of money, groups of fans having purchased expensive tickets, swarming into arenas, yelling, screaming and singing along, all to watch an artist perform on a stage, the same music that they could have easily heard while sitting in the comfort of their own homes. In many ways the Unsigned band is even more exciting. On many occasions these heros of live music may be playing in a bar to an audience who have not paid to get in. Alternatively they maybe funding a venue from their own pocket and hoping that enough people come through the door to breakeven.  It is easier to take a risk when you have millions of loyal fans and a wall full of Gold disks.

And yet, each time we watch live music the exictement  around us, when we are just about to enter another concert area is palpable. It’s simple really – live music is living music.

One of the most appealing things about live music is that the artist is right there is front of the audience sharing the same space as you. You watch them create their music in front of you. You see your favourite song come out alive in that concert hall. The passion, the intensity and energy they bring to the concert cannot be replicated in pre-recorded music.

The people surrounding you, enjoying those beats integrate seamlessly with you. Together as one body that shares the same passion. It gives rise to a sense of belonging and makes everyone seem like a part of one giant family. An incredible feeling for everyone present.

The other great thing about live concerts is that there is artist-and-fan interaction. Anybody can come on stage, perform a song and then leave. This doesn’t make anything special. What makes a live concert awesome is the way an artist interacts with his audience. There has to be something different about a show that will make it memorable to the audiences. Whatever the interaction it is, for the fans, it is very exciting to spend a few moments with the artists they idolise and to feel like their favourite artist really wanted to deliver a show that blew them away.

Live music is undoubtedly a different experience. Whether you’re just sitting, listening to those melodious tunes or grooving to high energy beats, there’s something special and unique about it that must be experienced by everyone.

The evolution of live music through the ages has been an encapsulating phenomenon. From warehouses to packed arenas. Music has always been used as a medium of expression and irrespective of circumstances, fans have look forward to being a part of an experience, they view as unique in every way.

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