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The Gods of Metal: Between Them They Have Changed the World.

The Gods Of Metal Harry from Iron Maiden. True Gods of Metal

The Gods of Metal. Find-my-band loves Heavy Metal

We at find-my-band love Heavy Metal, and we hail the Gods of Metal.  We love live Heavy Metal music, unsigned Heavy Metal bands and we at find-my-band admire anybody who plays in a Heavy Metal Band. From Garage bands to the Stadium Rockers. For those about to Rock we salute you.

I can’t define precisely what heavy metal means to me. For over four decades I have been a citizen of this rock, hurtling around the sun and have been a heavy metal fan since the early 1980’s. The first true heavy metal song that I heard was Iron Maidens Number of the Beast at the primary school disco when I was about 10.   The first Heavy Metal Album that I bought was Iron Maidens Number of the Beast, the first concert I attended was a Nuclear Assault gig, and the first true Rock star that I met was the legendary Cozy Powell. R.I.P, ex-drummer of Whitesnake and Rainbow.  In my early Rocker days I also met Bill Steer who at the time had just left Napalm Death… Nice bloke but what an ego….He refused to sign autographs with his name and just drew a strange symbol…but hey that’s what Hardcore was in the late 1980’s. It was different, non conformist…Why should he sign his name just because we spent our cash on Napalm Death and Carcass Albums.?

Heavy metal and the Gods of Metal have been a part of my life for a long time.

My favourite album is too hard to pick. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son,  Back in Black,  Megadeths So far So Good So What, Appetite for Destruction, Reign in Blood, Operation Mindcrime, Master of Puppets, Justice for All, Hysteria, A Night at the Opera, Blizzard of Ozz, Rainbow Rising, Piledriver..I just don’t know. But that is the beauty of Metal.  The selection of material is very wide, and very different. Music for all those with informed tastes.

Heavy metal is so full of variety that it is difficult to define why I like it. I like guitars, guitar solos, twin guitars and big guitar riffs. I like real drumming, John Bonham could play, Cozy Powell could play , Nicko McBrain can play. I like big bass. Steve Harris, Lemmy, Ian Hill, Cliff Burton, Tom Araya and I like lyrics that make me think. Words with meaning and purpose.  What comes first the melody or the lyrics? No idea, but heavy metal songs are usually written about subjects that you can’t simply dismiss. The uninitiated who dismiss Metal only see the clichés, but then they don’t understand it. Heavy Metal is music of the intelligent people, if you don’t get it, you never will.

I love the freedom of Heavy Metal. Say what you want, do you want and not what’s expected of you?  Heavy Metal encourages free thought and creativity. Heavy Metal is also a predominantly live genre of music. Metal bands usually can play live and Metal fans expect their favourite bands to tour. Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden is one of my heroes and on many occasions we have been in the same building (large concert hall).  He does not know that but I do, and as an Iron Maiden fan I will be there in the audience next time Mr Harris’s rock ensemble are in town.

I also love the interaction. Heavy Metal lives. I learnt to play the guitar over 10 years ago and just like many of my heroes I now own a Gibson Les Paul and a Marshall Amp. Rock Cliché, yes, but it was good enough for Steve Clark of Def Leppard, and it’s good enough for Slash I will give it a go. (My amp does not go up to 11, so at 10 where can I go….Exactly…Nowhere, even in D minor the saddest of Keys)

Heavy Metal is part of my life today just as it was in my youth and it will be when I am old and senile, annoying my fellow pensioners in the home for retired wannabe Rock stars.  Rock and Roll will never die, but so many people will never live. I am not one of those people.

Find-my-band is committed to supporting Heavy Metal. If you play in an unsigned metal band, if you have just recorded a demo or would like to promote an upcoming gig drop us an email. Find-my-band will promote unsigned bands for free


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Rocking since my mates and I were head banging to Status Quo and Iron Maiden at the Primary School leaving disco in 1983. Original Bass player in the most extreme Hardcore/Trash combo to ever come from Mid Cheshire. Owner of a Les Paul, a Marshall Amp, and a Garage. Co-writer of "Anarchy In Northwich". My musical hero's are Brian May, Steve Clark and Adrian Smith, and my favourite film is the Italian Job "My toilet was broken into" "Your toilet", "Yes Mr Governor My toilet.."

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