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The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses Album. Classic Albums from Find My Band

The Stone Roses is the debut album by English Indie Rock band The Stone Roses . Probably the Greatest Indie Record of all time, from a band who are probably the greatest Indie Band of all time. However  indie music was not invented in the UK, it origins are more regional and The Stone Roses are from Manchester, and the Stone Roses Album was their gift to us all.

Released on Silvertone Records in 1989, the Stone Roses album , is still rated by some as one of the most influential albums ever recorded and all the usual portentous types have had their say.  In 2004 an Observer Music Monthly poll consisting of musicians and critics voted the album the greatest of all time, as did the writers of NME in 2006, who declared it to be the greatest British album of all time. The Stone Roses album is widely considered to be the seminal record of the Madchester / Manchester Scene  (I don’t remember being Mad in 1989 but who knows)  that was active in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

It is important to note a couple of things about this band. Firstly they were not an overnight success. They are a band that developed and grew. They had many influences. Their single Elephant Stone released in 1989 was produced by Peter Hook and the New Order influence is obvious.  Likewise the influence of Johnny Marr from the Smiths can be heard in the guitar style of John Squire.  Secondly there were many great bands associated with the Manchester Scene.  The Smiths (who had split in 1987), the Inspiral Carpets, the Happy Mondays, the Charlatans’, and James.  Later came the biggest selling band of them all Oasis.  However it is the Stone Roses who defined this era. Why?,  I am not exactly sure, they just seemed to be the first out of the blocks. They were just there in a way that the Smiths were no longer. Leaders of the scene, with an album that defines the era.

The scene itself was exploding all across the North West. Indie Bands were playing small gigs across the region, Oldham, Northwich, Warrington, Liverpool etc, at venues such as the Parr Hall, the International, the International 2, the Boardwalk, the Winnington Rec, and the Northwich Memorial Hall. Venues that were rarely sold out…UNLESS the Stone Roses came to Town.

The Stone Roses recorded the album with John Leckie, a producer who had worked with Pink Floyd on Meddle. The track listing of the Stone Roses album is below.

“I Wanna Be Adored” 4:52
“She Bangs the Drums” 3:42
“Waterfall” 4:37
“Don’t Stop” 5:17
“Bye Bye Badman” 4:00
“Elizabeth My Dear” 0:59
“(Song for My) Sugar Spun Sister” 3:25
“Made of Stone” 4:10
“Shoot You Down” 4:10
“This Is the One” 4:58
“I Am the Resurrection”


So which are your favourites?.  Sugar Spun Sister, Made of Stone, This is the One, I am the Resurrection and I Wanna Be Adored are peerless.  A collection of the greatest Indie songs of all time.  The Stone Roses Album stands out from any Indie Music release prior or since its release. The album still sound fresh  25 years after its release. The sound is clean, the Bass proud and the Guitars sophisticated. The lyrics presented to the listener by Ian Brown. A Creative, intelligent image maker. You hear the melody, understand the words and imagine the scene.

The Stone Roses were part of a movement and not the creators of that movement. The Stone Roses album was therefore a focal point of something that kept growing.  As this movement grew, more copies of the album were sold and the Stone Roses and the Manchester Scene achieved greater recognition.  However it was the following year 1990 when the Stone Roses were at the height of their powers. The singles Fools Gold (release November 1989) and One Love (July 1990)  both massive hits, crossed genres, they were great indie songs but they were also Indie dance tracks and with these records the Stones Roses aligned themselves  with the emerging Dance/ Acid House scene.

Primal Scream Screamadelica is a great example of this crossover.  Release in 1991, is Screamadelica  an indie record or a dance record?  No idea, it is just a great record that seems to be both. That is one of the great things about Indie Music. It is hard to define because it has a creative freedom that does not restrict it to any one particular genre or style.

1990 was also the year of the legendary Stone Roses Spike Island gig, and the summer of 1990 was the last time that the England football team made a decent effort of a world cup. The summer of 1990 was therefore pretty fantastic summer for many reasons.

In my opinion the Stone Roses greatest achievement was bringing  guitar based music back to forefront. To encourage people to learn guitar and have a go. In the North you will never get any favours from London, so don’t bother waiting. Do it yourself. The Stone Roses and Oasis who came a few years later proved that great music does not need London.

This is a record that contains some of the greatest Indie Tracks ever written and a record and musical style that has influenced many bands. Liverpool had the Beatles, Birmingham gave us Black Sabbath and Slade , and London the Rolling Stones.  But Only Manchester could have given the world the Stone Roses.

If you don’t own it, pay for it and down load it. The Stone Roses Album.  “Alright Mate…..Sound”

Sinclairs Oyster Bar Manchester. The Greatest Pub on Earth

Sinclairs Oyster Bar Manchester. The Greatest Pub on Earth.


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