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Why We Love Musical Instrument Shops That Have The Edge

Want to buy that Gibson guitar? Or, do you prefer the Fenders more? Or a saxophone? Or that Kong Synthesizer? It’s time to hit one of those musical instrument shops then. If a musical instrument shop is like a music festival, first you got to figure out what exactly you need. Are you looking for some high voltage electric instruments, or you are in for the unplugged ones?

In any musical instrument shop, you would find the institution is cavernous, guitars hanging in ranks like shiny, multi-colored bats, and amps of every size and wattage squatting beneath them like stalagmites. In a good instrument shop, you would find rooms for acoustic instruments, keyboards, drums, studio hardware and P.A.s, and even a little annex at the back for DJ gear, but at its heart lies the wild, shredding beat of a guitar solo – turned up to eleven, naturally.

Visiting a musical instrument show can be sheer fun as well at times, even if you don’t plan to buy one for yourself. Music enthusiasts like me would agree, at times just watching that fantastic display of instruments can be breath taking. I remember when I was a child; my father would hold my hands and walk in to one of these shops just to see the instruments and seed the interest of music in me.  A lot of shops offer attractions for kids as well, apart from offering a secluded place to jam with the new products as well.

It is not necessarily that one can only buy instruments from these shops.  These shops are also rich in their collection of accessories, music sheets, amplifiers, speakers, music CDs, etc. while you choose a musical instrument shop, ensure that you look at the following points;

  • Budget: Whether you want to buy a violin, a guitar, a drum set or other instruments today, the first step you should take is to define your budget. Musical instruments can be extremely costly, which at times, even n sale could be as high as a price of a small car. Also, defining a budget would help you defining your search parameters
  • Needs: Next up is your need.  You may be buying a cello, a guitar or another instrument today, but you likely have a specific need in mind for using it. For example, musical instruments could be of electric or unplugged version. Be very clear in your mind about how you are going to use it.
  • Sale: Look at outlets which are offering instruments on sale. Having said that, don’t settle for a shop just because it is cheap or offering greater discounts.

In conclusion. I like musical instrument shops that are interesting. Good stock, interesting people to talk too, plenty of opportunity to play with the various instruments, and overall enjoyable.  An Independent musical instrument shop is a fun place to be, and we all need to buy our equipment from somewhere…

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