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As Rare As A Flying Horse. Wings of Pegasus

Wings of Pegasus. Lets Rock

Wings of Pegasus. We like them, we think that they are different and we think that you should check them out. Yes  Fil Henly from Wings of Pegasus has been on the X factor but lets not hold that against him.  Wings of Pegasus are a serious rocking ensemble whose debut album is available for download from all the usual digital stores, and we at Find My Band think that this band are worthy of your time. There are a number of great tracks on this record. Heroe and the single That’s Metal (to my ears) standout, but Don’t Cry and Percy Johnson are also special and clearly demonstrate both the bands musical ability and hard rocking focus.

True devotees to Rock with a sound inspired by the great 80’s USA Stadium rock acts (Winger, Van Halen, Dokken etc).  Wings of Pegasus have a professionally produced hard rocking sound that appeals to a wide audience. (If you ever get up to Edinburgh guys drop us an email and we will buy you a pint)


Yes there is a danger of anyone associated with the X-Factor and the associated media clingons of ending up as canon fodder on Celebrity Juice  (one of our favourite shows by the way) but Wings of Pegasus are not to be confused with the likes of Jedward, Wagner etc.  Wing of Pegasus are the real deal.

Wings of Pegusus are Rock and Roll. Lets support them, buy their record and Lets Rock.



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